What is a table quiz?

Stick man holding a plaque that contains a simple quiz definition and pronounciation:   Noun - a game of questions-and-answers played by people sitting at a table.
A table quiz is an event in which teams of people, usually sitting around a table, work together to answer questions.

Often the questions are about trivial or general knowledge topics, so the event may be called a trivia quiz.

When a table-quiz is held in a hotel, pub (ie public house), tavern, etc, then it is often called a pub-quiz.

If a table-quiz is held in the evening, then it may be called a quiz night.

If it is in support of a non-profit cause, then it may be called a charity quiz.

Table quizzes may be purely social events, providing the main entertainment at a gathering. Or they maybe be held to raise funds or to attract people to a venue (eg a pub, church or community-centre) who don't usually go there.

Some people say that
"the pub quiz is a modern example of a pub game."  ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pub_quiz

Every quiz is different, but there are many common features:
  • People answer questions, often workong together in teams, 
  • Questions are organised in rounds
  • After each round, the questions are marked and the score is calculated
  • The teams with the highest score(s) are the winners.

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