Quiz Question Suggestions: British pubs

Quiz-question-suggestions:  British pubs

Approximately how many pubs are there in the UK:  6000, 60,000,   6 million      (Ans:   60,000)

Name the pub on Coronation Street?   Answer:  Th e Rover's Return

Name the pub in The Eastenders   Answer:   The Queen Victoria  (aka The Vic)

What is "pub" short for? Answer:   Public house

What is the most common pub-name in Britain? (The Red Lion)

The earliest form of pubs were roadhouses on the road system from the Roman empire. What were they called?     Answer: tabernaes

Five London Underground stations are named after nearby (sometimes closed) pubs.  Name the station and/or the pub
  • Angel, after Angel Coaching Inn
  • Elephant and Castle
  • Manor House, after the Manor Tavern aka Manor House
  • Royal Oak
  • Swiss Cottage after The Swiss Tavern which was renamed Swiss Cottage.
What nursery rhyme includes a verse that starts "Up and down the City Road/In and out the Eagle/That’s the way the money goes ..."   Answer: Pop Goes the Weasel.

Name the pub in London that Charles Dickens used to visit Sir Ian McKellen later owned.
(Ans:  The Grapes, Limehouse)

The Boar's Head Inn at Eastcheap was used as a location by which famous playwright, who had Falstaff meet Henry there? Answer: Shakespeare.

Name the pub which Charles Dickens mentioned a number of times in The Pickwick Papers? Answer: The George and Vulture

There is , or was, pub in London which is licensed to sell U.S. stamps because of its historical links to the ship which that carried the Pilgrim Fathers. Name the pub. (Ans: The Mayflower)

Which monarch allegedly danced around the cherry tree inside the front wall of Ye Olde Mitre in Holborn? Answer: Elizabeth I

What is the name for the frosted glass screens that were installed to allow posh drinkers to drink without seeing working-class drinkers on the other side of the bar? Answer: snob screens.

What pub was the scene of gang violence which inspired the film A Clockwork Orange. Answer: The Duke of York in Fitzrovia.

When was the first Wetherspoons opened? Answer: 1979.

Name the pub where the Salvation Army began. Answer: The Blind Beggar in Whitechapel.

In which pub did Samuel Pepys take refuge from the Great Fire of London? Answer: The Anchor on Bankside

The former Law Courts’ branch of the Bank of England on Fleet Street became a pub. What year did it close as a bank-branch? Answer: 1975

What is the legal drinking age in British pubs? 18

If you ask for "a half of .. (some beer) in a British pub, what will you be served?   Answer   Half a pint, ie 284ml (approx)

What name is given to pubs that higher quality food? Answer: Gastropubs

Local pubs (you'll need to research your own answer for these questions, which are only appropriate if you have a very local group of quiz-participants):
  • What is the oldest pub in yourTown
  • What pub is famous for somethingSpecial
  • What is the closest pub to the Railway Station  (or some other well known place)
  • What is the smallest pub in yourTown