Ideas for quiz rounds

If you are writing the questions for a table quiz, then it is helpful to have a theme for each set or round of questions:   it helps you focus your question-writing, and it gives people extra clues about what the answer might be.

Here is a list of question-theme ideas.

General knowledge

  • Current affairs (based on this weeks' news)
  • Important people
  • Currency - money units

These could be focussed on in the world, your country, province, city or village.


  • Logic puzzles
  • Word games


  • Popular / current top-ten
  • Classical
  • Classic-hits: music for the time when quiz participants were teenageer
  • Folk music from your country, or from places that your particiapnts are likely to know about
  • Music theory
  • Theme tunes (of TV show, musicals etc)


  • What's showing now
  • Classic movies
  • Actors and characters
  • Directors and producers and release -year
  • Theme tunes
  • Settings / filming locations
  • Movies with a colur in the title
  • Identify which movie a classic scene / shot came from
  • Who said it?   (quotes)
  • Where was it set

Books and literature

  • Classic books
  • Characters
  • Authors and publishers and publication year
  • Settings locations
  • Books with  colur in the title
  • Who said it?   (quotes)
  • Where was it set


  • Famous artists
  • Famous paintings - eg who painted this
  • Artists or artworks from your city, town or neighbourhood
  • Tools of the trade:  what would an artist use to ....
  • Colours and textures


  • Collective nouns   (eg what do you call a group of ducks)
  • Parts of speech (identify the nouns, verbs, etc)
  • Figures of speech - what do they mean
  • Proverbs - fill in the missing word
  • Foreign languages - what's the word for ...


  • Famous players
  • Well known competitions
  • Rules of the game
  • How many players per team
  • Name of position/role in various sports, or what the role does


  • Famous scientists
  • Discoveries
  • Chemical symbols
  • Converting measures (eg inches to centiemeters0
  • The unit of measure of various things
  • Names of biological processes
  • Mathematical symbols


  • Retro equipment (eg pictures of obsolete technologies)
  • Common computer / internet words and abbreviations
  • What does X do
  • When were things invented


  • Major world events - where, when, what were they about
  • Significant people
  • Local history of your area / suburb / town


  • Important places in the world
  • Places in your country, province, city or village
  • Types of land or water formations
  • Major exports, industries or employers

Architecture and buildings

  • Where to find famour buildings
  • Names / uses of architectural features
  • Types of building materials / technologies
  • What each type of construction worker does
  • Tool - names and purposes


  • Public transport in your city / town / village
  • Road names
  • car makes / models / colours
  • Vehicle types (match the name to the picture)

Kids Stuff

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Children's songs
  • Playground games
  • Current children's TV characters
  • Famous children's books


  • Where would you by
  • Where are stores / businesses located
  • How mch does it cost
  • Logos / brands: matching them up, what colour, what tagline


  • Names of famous philosophers, and their viewpoints
  • Timeframes - when did ideas happen
  • Logic puzzles

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