Quiz question suggestions: Pets


  • Name a pet starting with the letter ...
    Choose letters based on what's common in your country, one example set is    B,  C,   D,    G,    H   -   answers could be bird, cat, dog, guinea-pig, hamster
  • Breeds of dog  (or cat) - match the photo with the name
  • Famous pets - name the animal who ... choose examples to suit.
    Some examples:
    "I'm a Rough Collie dog who stared in an American TV series starting in 1954. Originally I lived with Jeff Miller, his mother, and his grandfather.   What is my name?"   Answer = Lassie

    "I am a cat who lives in Homer and Marg's home, What is my name?"  Answer = Snowball.   Extra points for saying Snowball II or Snowball V.
  • Pets belonging to famous people
    For example - what breed of dog does the Queen of England keep?   
  • What pets belong to people in your area  (either their types or their names)
  • Pet equipment:  
    For example - what sort of pet do I have if I need to use one of these - picture round with an acquarium, dog-lead, cat-scratching post, bird-cage, egg-basket, etc
  • Local pet shop, shelter or rescue locations / hours / owners
  • Baby-pet names:  
    For example, what is a baby cat called?  (kitten)     A baby dog?  (puppy)    A baby frog (tadpole).