Quiz-question suggestions: Sports

Quiz-question-suggestions about Sports 

These questions could be asked about any popular sport

  • Famous players from your country or region (names, where they are from, what position they played, when they played, famous goals / tries / runs / points etc) 
  • Famous players from your region (similar questions - maybe some more local ones eg who is <<teacherName>>'s nephew who plays XYZ for <<whereever>>
  • Famous matches (date, result, events) 
  • Famous competitions (eg the World Cup) - general knowledge questions about the last one or the next one
  • Sports-grounds: match the name and city they are in, or match picture of the ground to the name 
  • Team colours - who wears each jersey (good for a picture round) 

These questions are best if they include a mixture of sports - some well known and not

  • Sports equipment: what sport would you be playing if you were using a ... 
  • Sporting words: what sport would you be listening to if the commentator talked about ...
  • Rules - how long is a match, how bit is a pitch, how many people on each team, etc 

What sports to ask about

The best questions are about sports which your quiz participants know about.   (If you're not a sports fan yourself, look in your local newspaper to see what is reported about.)

If the quiz is for a sports organisation, you may ask very detailed questions about that sport.

If it's for a group of people who typically aren't big sport participants, them choose very general knowledge questions about the most-popular sports in your country.

Google "list of popular sports" to get ides of sports.

Google "list of olympic events" for ideas of sports that aren't so obvious.