Quiz question suggestions: Libraries

Quiz-question-suggestions about Libraries

Famous libraries
  • What city are the following in   (Library of Congress, Trinity College Library ... add more based on your region)
  • When were they founded?
  • What are they famous for (may need to make this a match-the-pair question)
  • Match the name to the picture

Local libraries
  • Where are they
  • When are they open
  • Who can become a member - what does it cost?
  • How long can you borrow a book for?
  • What is the fine if a book is overdue?
  • What is currently showing in the window (or wherever) display
  • Who is the librarian
  • What types of things do they have for borrowing   (books, CDs, DVDs, magazines - check with them for specifics)
  • What types of things do they have which you can use there but not borrow   (newspapers, encyclopedias, reference books, internet terminals - check with them for specifics)

Classification systems
  • Is a book which is about a true story fact or fiction?    
  • What do you call a book that tells the story of someone's life?  
  • What about a book that someone writes about their own life?
  • Name some system used to organise books in libraries?
  • What is the name of the section in a book which says what other books were consulted