Quiz-question suggestions: Money


  • What is the unit of currency in  [country-name]  (could make 3-5 different questions from this - choose some that are easy/well-know to people in your country, and some that aren't)
  • If I buy an item for 20 English pounds, and the exchange rate is quoted as 1.25, then what is the price in my local currency
  • How many cents in a dollar / pennies in a pound?

Local notes and coins:

  • Whose face is on the $5 (or whatever) note?
  • Whose signature is on the $10 (or whatever) note?
  • How many different coins are part of our country's official currency?
  • When did [our country] switch to decimal currency?

Historic notes and coins:

  • What type of coins did they use in Ancient Egypt
  • Which country were banknotes invented in, and what were they make of originally?
  • What is the name of a place where coins and banknotes are manufactured?
  • What type of metal were pennies originally made from?


  • If I want a loan to buy a house, what is the name for the type of loan to I have to get?
  • What does a per-annum interest rate mean?
  • What's the difference between fixed-rate and variable-rate?
  • What is the current ECB rate  [name your local central bank]

Local banks:

  • Where are the bank branches in our area?
  • What time are they open?
  • When did [name a closed bank] close?
  • What does the acronym BOA   [or choose another local bank] stand for?
  • Where is the nearest ATM to where we are right now?   What bank is it from?
  • How many ATMs are inside [some local venue, eg the bus station or a local bank branch]