Quiz-question suggestions: Newspapers

Quiz questions about Newspapers 

Local newspapers

  • What day is the LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME delivered?
  • When did the LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME start?
  • When was the final edition of the CLOSED LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME?
  • Who is the editor of the LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME?
  • The first ever newspaper in YOUR COUNTRY OR TOWN was called what?
  • Who owns the LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME?
  • What colour is the logo of LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME?
  • Where is the LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME printed?
  • Where is the office of LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME
  • How much does it cost to buy a copy of the LOCAL NEWSPAPER NAME in your local shop?

Parts of the newspaper

  • What is the name for the section on the first page, usually at the top, which has the newspaper's name and logo? [The masthead]
  • What is the name of the summary at the top of each article? [Headline]
  • What is the name for advertisements set in small type, usually without out any grapics? [Classifieds]
  • What section is sometimes called "Hatch, Match and Dispatch"? [Births, Marriages and Deaths]
  • What is the section where there editor writes an opinion piece about whatever s/he chooses? [Editorial]
  • What is the name for an article about someone who had died? [Obituary]
  • What is the name for a drawing which tells a funny story - and in newspapers often makes a sharp point about a local or political issue? [Cartoon]
  • What is the puzzle which requires you to fit nine digits into squares, so there are no repeats in any larger square, line or row? [Sudoku]
  • What do you call an article or advertisement which someone has cut out of a newspaper? [A clipping or cutting]
  • What's the name of a regular aritlcle written by the same person or organization? [A column]
  • What's the name of the article on the first page which accompanies the largest picture? [Cover story]
  • What's the name of an item which is covered in only one newspaper? [An exclusive]
  • If a company or organisation wants to suggests a piece of news to a newspaper, what do they send? [A press release]
  • What's the name of an article where someone gives their opinion of a concert, show, play, book, art exhibition, restaurant etc? [A review]
  • What is the name of the place where advertisements for employees are printed? [Situations vacant]
  • What is the name of news which is added to a newspaper just before it is printed [a Stop Press]

People who produce the newspaper

  • What type of workers write the article which appear in newspapers? [Journalists or Reporters]
  • Who confirms that the contents of articlle are correct [A fact-checker]
  • Who checks the spelling? [A copy editor]
  • Who lays out the articles and advertisements so they all fit together on the page? [typesetter]
  • Who decides the policies about what is printed in a newspaper - and is untimately responsible for what is printed? [The editor]

General questions about newspapers

  • What do newspapers generally get most of their income from? [Advertising sales]
  • When was the first crossword puzzle published in a newspaper [ 1924, in the British Sunday Express]
  • Who was responsible for the first ever newsbulletinr? [Julius Caesar, around 59BC]
  • What three digits are at the start of the bar-code on all newspapers? [ 977 ]