Blank table-quiz answer sheets - for match-the-pairs question rounds

This is a blank table-quiz answer sheet for rounds where quiz-participants must match items from two lists.

The form has marked areas for:
  • Team name
  • Team number
  • Round name
  • Items and matching answers

To start with, there are marked spaces for 10 questions.   You may need to change this if you need  space for multi-part questions, or if you have less questions in your match-the-pairs question round.

See also:   Blank table quiz answer sheets,.for answer sheets to use for ordinary rounds

Download blank answer sheets

Open the form on your computer by clicking the type of file you want:

The Microsoft Word version is the best one to use, and has sample text to show where your lists of items to go.   The PDF version is only useful if you want to hand-write the lists of items and candidate answers.

Make it your own

For this type of answer sheet, you must add:
  • The lists of items to be matched 
  • The iinstructions  (eg "match the animal with the best description of its colour"

You may also change:
  • The logo / brand / charity information 
  • The number and type of questions
  • The font-size, if you want to fit the items onto one page.

If you have more than ten pairs, use the MS Word version and add space for more answers:   The form is made using Microsoft Word tables. In Word, you can add extra rows by highlighting the row, right-clicking and choosing "Add rows above" or "Insert rows below" (slightly different wording depending on the version you are using).

If your list has have less than ten options, then you may change the form - or you could just ignore the extra spaces.

What does the template / form look like

Two lists of stub items, which can be replaced by the actual list of items to be matched in the quiz question round.