Quiz question suggestions: Bicycles

Quiz questions about bicycles


  • What French work is the basis for the name "bicycle"?   [bicyclette],
  • What is an earler name for a bikes (hint:  starts with the letter "V")   ['velocipede]
  • What was special about Penny-farthing bicycles?   [The front wheel was a lot larger than the back one]
  • What 19th century invention made bicycle-riding a lot more comfortable?   [The pneumatic tire]
  • Which US postal company was founded by two teenagers who owned one bicycle between them [UPS]
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright operated a small bike repair shop in Dayton, Ohio.  What re they famous for?   [they built the first flying airplane]

Bicycles in sport

  • When was the Tour de France was first held run [1903]
  • What does BMX stand for?   [Bicycle Motorcross]
  • Is the Race Across America longer or shorter than the Tour de France?   Bonus point - how much?    [longer, 700 miles]

Types of bcycle:

  • If you are riding a tandem, how many people are involved:   [two - accept two or more]
  • What do you call a bike that only has one wheel   [a unicycle]

How bicycles work:

  • In a bicycle, what is usually used to transmit power to the rear wheel [the chain]
  • What happens if you squeeze the levers on the handlebars [the brakes come on]
  • Which type of bicycle usually has thinner tires inflated to higher pressures, a road bike or a mountain bike?  [Road bike]
  • When riding a bicycle uphill, should you use a high gear or a low one?

Local bicycles

  • What is the name of the bicycle shop on WHEREEVER?    [FIND ANSWER LOCALLY]
  • Where is the nearest bicycle parking area to this building?   [FIND ANSWER LOCALLY]

Bicycles in song 

  • Who wrote a song called "" "It's A Beautiful Day" - about bicycles?   [The Beach Boys]
  • It won't be a stylish marriage, for I can't afford a carriage, but you'll look sweet  upon the seat of ..."   What?    [A bcycle build for two]
  • Who sang   "I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike, I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride it where I like"?   [British rock band Queen]