Quiz-question suggestions: Chocolate

Potential quiz-questions about Chocolate 

Local chocolate

  • What town / city is the COMPANY NAME in?
  • What is their most famous product?
  • When did the factory open?
  • When is National Chocolate Day in the USA [28 October]

Chocolate in literature

  • Who owned the chocolate factory which Charlie won a golden Ticket to visit?   [Willy Wonka]
  • Who said "Mine's me of squisious, the chocolate with a soul."    [Joyce, in Finnegan's Wake]
  • What country was  Joanne Harris's Chocolat set in?   [France]
  • What is the title of the for of the adventure novel by GA McKevett' in which the female PI investigates death threats against a TV chef?  [Death by Chocolate]
  • Who wrote The Chocolate Lovers' Club?  [Carole Matthews]
  • In one language, the trees which grow the beans that chocolate is made from are are called Theobroma Cacao which translates as "food of the gods" - which language is that?   [Latin]

Chemistry of chocolate

  • What type of brain waves are triggered by the smell of chocolate?  [ theta waves]
  • What type of chocolate isn't really chocolate?  [white chocolate]
  • What beans is choclate made from?   [ cacao beans]
  • Should you give your dog a chocolate biscuit as a special treat?  [no:  chocolate makes dogs sick]
  • What's the best kitchen equipment to use if you want to melt chocolate?   [double-boiler]
  • What is Theobromine?   [A stimulant found in chocolate]
  • What sort of chocolate has been shown to be beneficial to human health?  [Dark chocolate ]

History of chocolate

  • English chocolate company Cadbury made the first chocolate bar in the world.   When did they make it?   [1842]
  • What continent grows the most cacao beans today?   [Africa - about 70%]
  • How as drinking chocolate first marketed?   [As an alternative to alcohol]
  • According to Aztec legend, who brought cacao to earth [the god Quetzalcoatl - possibly allow various spellings]
  • When were  chocolate chip cookies / biscuits invented, and where  [1937 - at the Toll House Inn]   <== question best for American quizzes
  • In which country is there a 20-foot statue of a pair of hands simply holding a cacao pod?   [Indonesia]