Quiz question suggestions: Seagulls

Quiz questions about Seagulls

Do seagulls drink fresh water or sea water?    [Both:   Most animals cannot do this, but seagulls have glands above their eyes that specifically to flush the salt from their system.]

Which American state did the 'Miracle of the Gulls' happen in?   [Utah]

Do seagulls mate for life, or by the season?   [For life]

In a seagull family, who  incubates the eggs and feeds and protect the chicks - the male or the female?   [Both - they take turns]

What bird family do seagulls belong to?  [Laridae]

Are seagulls carnivote, herbivore or re omnivore?   [omnivore]

What is the collective noun for a flock of seagulls?   [colony, squabble, flotilla or scavenging]

What type of gull is the the state bird of Utah?  [California gull (Larus californicus) ]

How many eggs are in a typical brood for seagulls?   [ 1-3 eggs]

How long do the eggs take to hatch?    A)   7-10 days    B)   10-15 days     C)    21-26 days?    [ C) 21-26 days ]

Is a seagull's lifespan in the wild most likely to be   A)   3 to 7 years,      B)    10 to 20 years    or   C) 30-45 years?    [ B).  10 to 15 years ]

What sort of feet do seagulls have?   [webbed feet - like most other birds!]

What's the name for a person who studies seagulls (or other sort of birds for that matter)?    [ornithologist]

Some seagulls exhibit kleptoparasitic behavior.   What does this mean?  [They steal food from other birds]