Quiz question suggestions: Telephones

Quiz-question-suggestions about Telephones

Alexander Graham Bell is credited with invented the telephone. What country was he born in? Scotland

What country was Bell working in when he invented the telephone? America

When was the telephone invented? 1876

Who was the first telephone call from? Who was it to? Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant, Thomas Watson.
What did the caller say? “Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you.”

When was the first phone book issued? 1878

What did Alexander Graham Bell recommended that people should say when they answered the telephone? - “Ahoy”.
Who suggested saying "Hello" instead?    Thomas Edison

What type of telephone line did you have if several houses shared the same number?   A party line

What does a modem do? It lets two computers communicate, over a telephone line.
What does "modem" stand for? modulator / demodulator.

When was the cordless phone invented?

In what year did the number of mobile phones in the world become greater than the number of people in the world? 2005, 2014 or 2019? 2014

What does TTY stand for? What was it used for? telephone typewriter - it was the first way that Deaf people used the telephone

When was the first wireless telephone network designed?   1900s?  The 1940s?   The 1990s?   - answer is 1940s. 

When did cellphones, also called mobile phones, become widely available?   1960s?   1990s? 2000s?  -  Answer = 1990s.

Text messages are also called SMS messages.   What does SMS stand for?  Short Message Service
What does MMS stand for?   Multi-media Message Service

What is frigensophobia? Fear that using your mobile is damaging your brain.
What is nomophobia? Addiction to mobile phones.

If you want to make a telephone call to this country, what country-code should you use:
  • United Kingdom - 44
  • South Africa - 27
  • United States of America - 1
  • New Zealand - 64
  • Ireland - 353
(select a few countries which your quiz participants are likely to know about from this list).

The ITU is a United Nations agency which helps coordinate global telecoms, and allocates numbers to countries. What does ITU stand for? (International Telecommunication Union

What is the area code for <<your area>> - add your own answer.
What number do you call to get the fire-service?   -   add the answer for your country
What number do you call for Directory Services?   
What is the telephone number for <<a well known local place / this school / etc>> -